It's OK.

The weekend has come to an end. With this post I am hoping to soothe/reassure then promptly make you wish it was friday so you can do it all again.

I can't think of many other voices that would cheer me up more than those of Lykke Li and Adele.

Lykke Li- I Follow Rivers(The Magician Remix)

Adele- Rolling In The Deep(Villa Remix)

Better? Let's get grooving again like we should be.

French Fries- Charlotte(Canblaster Remix)

Zombie Disco Squad- Endless

Savage Skulls with Sprinkle Juice & Tony Senghore- Watching You (192)



Berlin's big name house producer, BoyS Noize is releasing another conglomerate EP with friend, Housemeister. Titled "Shizzo" the EP is available on beatport here.
Following are 1:28 "snippits" of the three tracks. First track, "shizzo" puts me in the trash mood that I love so much, "nbaxx" follows it with a boss-like song. Shit is tight. The last track, "saturday" hits me harder than I expected. Definitely got some disco influence in it, but damnn! Take a listen.

ps. here's a 320 of Shizzo ;)


In No Particular Order

I could ramble on forever about how great this stuff is, but i'll try to keep it brief. No time to waste with this caliber of chunneaage.

This first track is off of the new Ed Banger compilation "Let the Children Techno". It's a Cassius remix by Night Slugger L-Vis 1990 and The Neon Dreams.

Cassius-Shark Simple(L-Vis 1990 and The Neon Dreams Remix)

Next is a beautiful dubstep remix by british duo, Stinkahbell.

Effie-Lonely(Stinkahbell Remix)

Kingdom created an incredible edit of Jacques Greene's (514) track "Tell Me" heavily sampling one of the greatest techno tracks out there, Dubfire's Spastik rework. Av em both.

Jacques Greene-Tell Me(Kingdom Edit)

Plastikman-Spastik(Dubfire Remix)


Lone White Wolf

CROOKERS feat TIM BURGESS " LONE WHITE WOLF from sebastien caudron on Vimeo.

I've been meaning to post this for a while...Crookers and Tim Burgess with their way cool/freaky track "Lone White Wolf", an interesting peek at the genre defying production skills Crookers have to offer. The video was directed by Seb Caudron.



Happy Valentines day and all that useless junk. This post will remain nice and brief, been busy lately. One of my favorite producers of 2010 just dropped their biggest remix yet of 2011. Groovy in all of the right ways. This is Pleasurekraft's remix of Myles Dyson and Aaren San's "Zooloo."
Take a gander.
Buy it on Beatport here

* bonus Pleasurekraft tracks from 2010:


Torro Torro

Torontonians Torro Torro are putting out a simply explosive EP on T&A records in march. Be sure to grab it. I'm confidently claiming it as one of the biggest of 2011. The EP features remixes of varying genres, from dutch to acid. Wax Romeo remix is fucking smashing.

TORRO TORRO - BLUE BLOUSE EP [Mini-Mix] by TorroTorro


Fake Blood tells you to sit down

Shit like this makes me happy. One of my favorite's, Fake Blood just released a remix of a mellow Noah & The Whale track and turns out that at one of their shows a mass sit down was organized. What better way to bring in the drop than from sit position? Here's a youtube of the show.

also, here's the 320 of the track. all of my senses pleased.
(right click save as)


Remember days of playing Mortal Combat on your old N64 or Dreamcast? Producer extrodinaire Hardvard Bass does. Here's a track he did for the new Mortal Combat soundtrack. Suitably, this is Sub Zero's theme. Fuck yes.



Free Gucci round two is finally here. Mad Decent and Sinden have teamed up to offer their rendition of the latest Gucci Mane mixtape. The remixers and special guests on this one are strictly british, including some familiar names; Hudson Mohawke, Mosca, Duke Dumont, and Estelle, accompanied by a slew of promising up and comers. Huge release. Grab the free 320 here.



I've always had a thing for these hoodrat females rappers that have been popping up all over the place. Two of my favorites, Rye Rye and M.I.A teamed up to do a song that I'm sure you've all heard. The original on its own is enough to please me, but I can't help but notice a few standout remixes of this song. Spanning through all sorts of genre's from Small Town DJ's to dubstep heavy weight 12th Planet, and finally to Swedish house/thrash producer Cristian Dinamarca; this song has gotten worked over, and I love all of it.


Up next is 12th Planet's take of the track:

Finally, unknown Swedish producer Cristian Dinamarca put out a really good remix of the track. Fills a void that was well needed.




I've been moving my head extremely hard to this new PeaceTreaty, one of DIM MAK's very own. This remix of Dada Life's "White Noise Red Meat" is huge.

DL of 320 and FULL VERSION right here.
(right click save as)

Here's some bonus PeaceTreaty that frequently runs through my speakers. ZAAA!

*Low quality, but I wanted to give you a little taste of dubstep coming from PeaceTreaty.



brenmar bill salas

This Brooklyn native manages to keep it fresh and dirty at the same time. His perfect mix of R&B and club is smooth and thumpin. He recently released his "At It Again" EP on Discobelle featuring the dancefloor killa "Taking It Down". Check his soundcloud for frequent remixes, mixes, and originals. Below are some favourites...The Cassie remix? Oooof!

Taking It Down (NEW EP SINGLE!!!) by BRENMAR

Brenmar-Taking It Down

Paper Running by BRENMAR

Brenmar-Paper Running

Cassie - Me & U (Brenmar remix) by BRENMAR

Cassie-Me and You (Brenmar remix)

BONUS: More soulful riddims... Burial-Archangel



My first exposure to electronic music came years ago from a frenchman named Quentin Dupieux, producing his music under the pseudonym of Mr. Oizo. Dude is signed on Ed Banger Records and has been putting out defining electro tracks for ten years. Here's his first track that blew up in the music world.

Now fast forward to 2010 - Mr. Oizo put out a thumping EP with Justice's Gaspard Auge called "Rubber." Two tracks that stand out from the EP follow.


Here's everyone favorite 16Bit with a remix on Oizo's classic, Flat Beat. Boom?