Hey everyone, here's an update on the progression (takeover) of Moombahton in the electronic music world. Tittsworth and Alvin Risk are making the first Moombahton music video for their absolutely mental track PENDEJAS in the coming week. Release date not set, but it's guaranteed to be a good time. Check out this quick promo video in the meantime, featuring PENDEJAS.



I'll say this now to cover my bases - normally I am not drawn to the drum&bass/drumstep tracks out there, but Netsky's remix of Rusko's new anthem Everyday made me stop and take a listen. The video game noise coupled with an upbeat aggro drive puts me in a punching mood. Here's to raves. Enjoy.

Rusko - Everyday (Netsky Remix) (128 Kbps) (right click save as)



Some hectic brilliance from Bristol's Baobinga and Hyetal out on Baobinga's very own imprint, Build. Here is the label's most recent offering:

BUILD005 - Baobinga & Hyetal 'Anything For Now / Trouble' by Build Recordings

Past bigness from Build, this time collaborating with a personal favourite, Ginz, and Cosmin TRG, whom i haven't heard of, but due to the explosive nature of "I Get Ruff", I'm sure we will be hearing much more from him.

BUILD003 - Ginz & Baobinga 'The Good Stank' / Baobinga & Cosmin TRG 'I Get Ruff' by Build Recordings



Dim Mak finally just released the new Sonic C & Digital Lab EP,DRUNK SKUNK. The EP consists of two new originals from the duo titled DRUNK SKUNK and TROLLS ON ACID, both of which shine. Accompanying the two new tracks are remixes from heavy hitters LA Riots, BeatauCue and Joachim Garraud all of which slapped me in the face.Buy the EP off beatport here, and enjoy the LA Riots remix in glorious 320 for free:

Sonic C and Digital Lab- Drunk Skunk (LA Riots Remix)

Up All Night

Two new remix's from big names in two genre's - Jack Beats and Skream bring us their individual flavour of John B's classic D&B track Up All Night.


Kapongo Dance

Canblaster and the rest of the Club Cheval crew are on a rampage right now, consistently pumping out the bass laden shuffling beats we all love. The latest offering is from Canblaster and fellow frenchman Berou. Their tropical bomb, entitled Kapongo Dance, got hit with a multitude of styles and riddims with remixes from industry heavyweights such as Sinden and Congorock and some moombahton and ghetto house flavva from DJ Dice and Big Dope P. Buy the EP, out on Moveltraxx, on Beatport now. Preview the goodies here.



Ego Mirror

I might be a little late jumping on the latest bandwagon that is the EP from Four Tet and Burial, featuring the falsetto vocals of Radiohead frontman Thom Yorke, but is anything else really worthy of posting in comparison? I don't need to sell this one to you guys. Thom Yorke, Four Tet, and Burial have all respectively been at the forefront of experimental music for quite some time now. Their contributions, whether within the realms of indie music or post-dubstep, have never failed to inspire. Four Tet and Burial have done some collaborations in the past, but to add the astral vocals of Mr. Yorke is a true treat. Yorke has been delving more and more into the world of experimental electronic music, including past work with Brainfeeder head and beat-maker extraordinaire Flying Lotus and even some dubstep infused originals on Radiohead's new independently released album, King Of Limbs.

Here are some related and aforementioned tunes. Blast Off...

Burial & Four Tet & Thom Yorke- Ego/Mirror

Burial and Four Tet- Moth

Burial- Untrue

Flying Lotus- ...And the World Laughs with You (ft. Thom Yorke)

Musical Conglomerate

Been a few since I put together a post. My apologies. Hopefully I can redeem my credibility with this post I just put together. Here's a musical conglomerate for you - ranging through all genres starting with some dubstep from classic Vaski and even some Diplo before showcasing some electro/house starring one of my favorites Bart B More. Then get transformed into jungle/tropical-ish (via Mad Decent) ultimately leading into some experimental/indie tracks before finishing off with some OFWGKTA nasty ass rhymes.
Hopefully the contents here get you to move, smile, frown, stomp, and everything else that music makes our species do.

Bart B More - Gilles


Sunday Swag.

Here are some swaggering tunes for the week:

Some neck snapping beats from Mele:

Contakt- Rhodophyta (Mele Remix)

Time to make a Wu sign, throw both o' y'all hands up.

Wu Tang- Coke (DZ Remix)

Beataucue work their vocal tweaking magic into Rihanna and Young Jeezy's track, "Hard".

Rihanna- Hard feat. Young Jeezy (Beataucue Remix)

Coming out on the latest Gucci Mane remix album from Mad Decent, the Burrrtish edition, is "Grown Man", featuring the soulful vocals of UK favourite, Estelle.

Gucci Mane- Grown Man feat. Estelle (prod. by Wyclef Jean)



I've been meaning to post about this guy for a while. This frenchman is producing some straight nasty techno, but somehow keeping it oh so very proper. Check out his Variations EP out on Turbo and you will know what i mean.

Turbo 093 | Gesaffelstein - Variations EP by turborecordings

I've been dying to find a recording of this track...Gesaffelstein's remix of ZZT's (Tiga and Zombie Nation) ZZafrica. Here is an incredibly entertaining video of the man himself fiddling with this unreleased remix and his original banger Variations:

A glimpse of Gesaffelstein's tamer side:

Miss Kittin - All You Need (Gesaffelstein Remix) by Mobilee records

The title track from the EP plus a recent remix for Sei A (hits fukn hardd towards the end):

Sei A- Body Of Eyes (Gesaffelstein's Violation Remix)

Gesaffelstein- Variations

If you liked that, here is some similar/related stuff:

Massimo Massivi- Hands Up

ZZT- ZZafrika

Style Of Eye and Magnus the Magnus- Antidote


R.I.P Institubes

Institubes was undeniably one of the most influential record labels in electronic music. After almost eight years, the ghetto house party is unfortunately over. I won't bother to try and match the french label heads Teki Latex and DJ Orgasmic's write up on the issue...check out their interesting story and views on the current scene here.

Not all bad news though. In the death of Institubes rises a new label, Marble records, headed by french heavyweights Surkin, Bobmo, and Para One. Here is a reassuringly promising bomb of a mix of upcoming tracks on the label featuring Surkin, Para One, Bobmo, Teki latex, Myd, Das glow, and my favfavfavourite Canblaster.

Introducing Marble by Marble Music

Some bonus Institube tunes...Recognize.

Surkin- Fan Out (Light Year Remix)

Das Glow- Phase 1V

High Powered Boys (Bobmo and Surkin)- Hoes Get Down


Listen To This

The ever-progressive scottish born beat maker Hudson Mohawke never ceases to impress. In this remix Hud Mo creates an epic of the heavy synths, instrumentals, and chopped up beats we all love.

Lady Luck (Hudson Mohawke's Schmink Wolf Re-fix) by woon

Here is the Hud Mo track that initially sparked my and many others' interest, Fuse.

Hudson Mohawke- Fuse


She Wants Revenge - "Take The World" remix EP

Boy have I ever got a treat for you. California based, genre-less duo She Wants Revenge released a free EP of their latest single "Take The World." They've got some heavy hitters remixing their stuff. Joker's Of The Scene, Nadastrom, and CREEP jumped out immediately at me - but this isn't saying to ignore the rest. Take a look at the Greenleaf song for an awesome electro anthem, and the HavocNDeeD dubstep remix blew my mind. Check it out. I'm going out here on a whim and Saying CREEP's is my favorite, but I'm not really sure. Download the whole thing. Fucking awesome.


Here's one of my favorite She Wants Revenge songs from years ago. Big time teen angst was experienced with this.



Haven't heard much from finnish duo Sharkslayer in terms of uber-banging tuneage in a while. As i'm sure you are guessing by now, this has now come to an end. Here is their ridiculous remix of Dillon Francis' "Bossa Rocka", (unknown release date).



In No Particular Order

Don't have much once again i'll cut to the chase.

It ain't easy to make any of Bangladesh's productions sound doper, (more dope?), Paul Anthony and ZXX succeed with a mirage of tempo changes and some hard hitting 808s.

Lil Wayne- 6 foot 7 (Paul Anthony and ZXX Remix)

Some slow starting fiyah from Joy Orbison and Kavsrave, eventually resulting in a minimal explosion.

Joy Orbison and Kavsrave- Untitled

And finally some fantastic dubstep from 12th and Antiserum.

12th Planet and Antiserum- Snack Attack



Canblastercanblastercanblaster. Track off of his latest EP, Master of Complication, out on Nightshifters.

Canblaster- Clockworks

Surprisingly nasty song choice for remixer Toro Y Moi. His progressive and eerie beats and synths work perfectly with the grimey rhymes of Tyler, The Creator.

Tyler, The Creator- French (Toro Y Moi)(192)

I always thought the original had the sickest beat. Dark Sky did what they needed to do to make it even more club friendly and full of their expected swagger.

Dark Sky - Promiscuous Gyal by Dark Sky

Coming out on a new Belgian label Pelican Fly. Clearly big things to come.

Richelle - Mascotte (Original Mix) by pelicanfly


Help Munchi

"Munchi had a seizure caused by an intracerebral hemorrhage, with no prior condition. He spent 9 hours in a coma and 11 days in the hospital recovering. He has no medical insurance in the US. His medication is expensive and he needs to get back to Rotterdam. Our goal is to pay for his ticket home, get our Hawaiian friends reimbursed for his meds and eventually pay for his hospital bills.Dave Nada, Ayres and Tittsworth will collectively match your donations. You can’t give too little or too much, and it is all appreciated."

Munchi needs your help! Moombahton, which in my opinion is the coolest and most progressive genre on the scene right now, wouldn't be what it is today without this guy.
We all owe him a ton. Pay your dues! Take that cash you were going to spend on cheep beer and weed for the weekend and put it towards the future of gaddamn dance music.

Donate here! Help Munchi

Munchi ft Mr. Lexx- Shottas (Crookers Remix)