Haven't heard anything from Bok Bok in ages. I could see how co-running and art-directing one of the hottest labels in dance music, Night Slugs, could be a tad time consuming, but come on, the wait is torture. I will say that the releases are, if possible, even more fresh and exciting than they would be normally. I hear there is much more to come too. So no complaints. Preview his upcoming EP "Southside", full of familiar yet new and improved mind melting synths and percussion, below. "Silo Pass"is straight nutty.

BOK BOK - Charsma Theme (NS010 preview) by BokBok

BOK BOK - Hyperpass (NS010 preview) by BokBok

BOK BOK Reminder (NS010 preview) by BokBok

BOK BOK - Silo Pass (NS010 preview) by BokBok

BOK BOK - Look (NS010 preview) by BokBok

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