R.I.P Institubes

Institubes was undeniably one of the most influential record labels in electronic music. After almost eight years, the ghetto house party is unfortunately over. I won't bother to try and match the french label heads Teki Latex and DJ Orgasmic's write up on the issue...check out their interesting story and views on the current scene here.

Not all bad news though. In the death of Institubes rises a new label, Marble records, headed by french heavyweights Surkin, Bobmo, and Para One. Here is a reassuringly promising bomb of a mix of upcoming tracks on the label featuring Surkin, Para One, Bobmo, Teki latex, Myd, Das glow, and my favfavfavourite Canblaster.

Introducing Marble by Marble Music

Some bonus Institube tunes...Recognize.

Surkin- Fan Out (Light Year Remix)

Das Glow- Phase 1V

High Powered Boys (Bobmo and Surkin)- Hoes Get Down

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