My fellow administrators and I had previously agreed to hold off on any Shambhala Music Festival hype for a while, but there is one artist i can't help but mention. Justin Martin was recently announced to be playing the Pagoda stage on friday night. Needless to say, this news has rendered me ecstatic. Justin's presence was somewhat expected due to past appearances from DirtyBirders at Shambhala, (check the San Fransisco based record label here). Claude Von Stroke played two years ago, followed by Justin's brother Christian. But i digress. Justin has been gravitating towards a more playful, bass laden sound as of late, and i have no complaints. His tracks are filled with large and in charge 808s and that jacking Detroit sound, all creating a perfect amount of bounce. See wadda mean:

Here is an early collab between the brothers.

The Martin Brothers- Stoopit

Their most recent original release. Steal Drums. Full of the sickest breakdowns and driving relentless basslines.

The Martin Brothers- Steal Drums

And finally, Justin Martin's remix of house darling Rachel Barton.

Rachel Barton-Goose Step (Justin Martin Remix)


If you liked any of the above, this one is a no brainer. Dancefloor destroyer from
Frankfurt native The Beat

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