Big stuff from big names gracing your speakers today. Canadians Zed's Dead just released a large tune stepping away from their previous dubstep anthems, but regardless, still hitting hard in classic Zed's Dead form. Can't wait to lose my shit to this at Shambhala this year, just like it's 1975. Brooklynite heavy hitter AC Slater released a retake on Rihanna's 'Only Girl In the World.' He and fellow producer Riton did a beautiful job on this club ready track. Love it. Next, Shambhala headliner for the Fractal Forest stage, Kingdom, also has a brand new remix out that delivers pleasure in his classic heavy and eerie way. I finish off this post with a mandatory moombahton track, cause I just can't get enough of this shit. Indonesian madman Angger Dimas gets remixed in the best way possible by fellow Indo native Mahesa Utara.

Enjoy your week - I'm off to Thailand later this week for up to three months, so my posting may dwindle in the next few months. I'll try my best, but I'm sure Hank will take good care of you and will keep your musical thirst quenched.


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