Post Purple

Ginz is one of the two central figures behind the creation and progress of the dubstep sub-genre Purple. Ginz and fellow Bristol badman Joker have been churning out instrumental yet bass heavy dubstep for a couple years now, and show no sign of letting up. As for the term Purple, i think it's clear once you listen to the music, really visual stuff. This psychedelic take on dubstep is here to stay.

Ginz's take on the current state of Purple:

Ginz- Spring 2011 Post Purple Mix

Older purple bass:

Joker and Ginz- Purple City

Joker- Psychedelic Runway

Zero 7- Everything Up (Joker and Ginz Remix)

Incredible video for the Everything Up remix:

Zero 7 - Everything Up (Zizou) Joker & Ginz remix from MIE on Vimeo.

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